Swing Trading
Masters 2022

Recorded Workshop

A new and simple way to trade

A lot of traders struggle how to organize their trading. That’s why I prepared very simple and intuitive trading panel for swing trading. In this way in one simple look you will easily know if you have good market conditions or not. In this way you will be not confused anymore what and when to do.

After this workshop you will be trading in the relax way with full understanding what you want to achieve our using swing trading and day trading combination.

Workshop Highlights

Discover the exact system that has been consistently profitable over the past 12 years and learn to see the charts like the hedge funds and big banks do. This will be eye-opening for you

Learn how to apply the “Top Down Approach” so that you consistently trade on the same side as “The Smart Money” using swing trading and day trading combination.

Everything will be shown step by step with all details together with clear and simple trading plan, trading journal and excel file to follow your progress.


Find easily good market conditions for high probability trades.


Highly accurate with up to 75% - 80% winning trades


Learn how to find and work with your limiting beliefs


Clear step-by-step plan that give you confidence in trading


We will practice together how to apply everything what you learned


Access to special Expert Advisor for MT4 for risk management

Trading market.
Are you ready?

My Forex journey started in 2008. At the beginning I was just curios, but after some time I figured out that trading Forex became my passion. When I started I struggled a lot, and it was more or less break even at best for me.

I became a successful trader after changing my mindset and learning how to think as a trader.
Are you ready to change? Are you ready to become successful trader?

Join me and I will show you how easy it can be!

Workshop Plan


I will guide through our Top Down Approach analysis. I will show you exactly how to find correct levels for possible price reaction (support, resistance levels and trend lines). I will go from higher time frames to lower time frames so you will easily understand when to trade and when NOT to trade.


When we learn fundamentals (Top Down Approach) then we can focus on our entries. Here I will teach you how exactly enter the trades, where to place targets and stop loss and how to manage them. I will also explain you why correct risk management is important for long time success in trading and teach you how to use our EA for entries.


Mindset day! This is completely something new and I've never done such session yet so do not miss this opportunity. Mindset is key part to achieve long term success in trading so here I focus how we think and how to find our limited beliefs which are causing that we fail as traders. When you fix it only sky will be limit for you.


It's time to practice now! Trading is not only about having knowledge. I can even say that if we have less knowledge then it's much easier to trade. Trading is about experience and you can only gain experience by taking the action. That's why I guide you during 4 Live sessions how to approach the market so we can practice together what you have learned.